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Travelstar Intro Animation

Integrated Launch Campaign


Hitachi GST

When we launched the Travelstar series of mobile hard drives, we knew that in addition to the drive’s massive storage capacity, flexible profiles, security and power management, speed and performance are what really set these drives apart. Other drives on the market pushed capacity and shock resistance, even though all of them offered the same amount of space and were engineered to withstand mobile use. But only Travelstar boasted the fastest data access and data processing available, which outperformed the competition. Our “How fast do you drive?” campaign challenged OEMs and Partners to think about processing speed and performance when they thought of hard drives...and not just capacity and durability, which is really a given. By linking system performance to storage drives, we changed the way people thought about how they built mobile solutions...and about Hitachi.

In addition to the Travelstar launch, we developed and ran a variety of campaigns, programs and materials to support different product launches, including channel and sales enablement tools.